Wood Craftsmanship: A Comparison of Design Influences in Japan and the UK

12th November 2016

This PDF contains the slides from my lecture, delivered at Osaka Institute of Technology, on 18th November 2016. The full text of the…

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Japanese Wood Craftsmanship

25th April 2016

My Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship report is finally complete. Click on the PDF icon below to access the full text.  (It’s 3.7MB so please…

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Open Studio 2016

5th April 2016

Dear Friends, At the end of last year I travelled to Japan, as a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow, in order to research the…

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Japan Blogpost no3. – In Search of Lightness

11th February 2016

A theme present in the philosophy of many of the makers I interviewed in Japan was a search for lightness in their work. Sometimes…

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Japan Blog no2. – The Control of the Pull-Stroke

26th January 2016

It is well documented that Japanese tools are used largely on the pull stroke, rather than the western-favoured push stroke. Kanna (鉋),wooden bodied,…

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