The Coffee Ceremony.

This coffee set, comprising coffee caddies, coffee scoop, stirrer, spoon, whisk, and tray, are part of ‘The Coffee Ceremony’ collection. Inspired by a fusion of Japanese philosophy and Western design thinking, the set explores lightness in its form and tactility in the contrasting textures of smooth and carved wood. Made in solid Elm, Oak and Walnut, Japanese Rattan, and Brass.

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'The Coffee Ceremony' collection by Hugh Miller. 2016


Coffee Caddie (small); 95 x 115 x 95mm; £235

Coffee Caddie (medium); 115 x 135 x 115mm; £285

Coffee Caddie (large); 135 x 155 x 135mm; £335

(handle extends a further 20mm for each box size)


Coffee Scoop; 200 x 45 x 50mm; £87

Milk Whisk; 35 x 35 x 115mm; £145

Coffee Stirrer; 210 x 36 x 7mm; £70

Coffee Spoon: 150 x 22 x 7mm; £60


Tray; 680 x 210 x 16mm; £280


If you would like to purchase any ‘Coffee Ceremony’ items, please email with your order. Some pieces are available for immediate delivery, whilst others may take up to 4 weeks from the date of order to complete.

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