The Ikebana Room, at IceHotel.

The Ikebana Room is a collaboration by Hugh and his brother, architect Howard Miller. Selected as 1 of 20 ArtSuite bedrooms to be constructed at the Icehotel, Sweden, in 2016, ‘The Ikebana Room’ Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging, the suite embodies the spirit of Japanese design and culture. Governed by strict rules of proportion and hierarchy, the arrangements are the essence of subtle, harmonious beauty. The focus is the cherry blossom tree, made in crystal clear ice, which sits in contemplative splendor at the far end of the room. The room itself is sculpted into a circle, which frames the tree perfectly in accordance with Ikebana principles.

Ikebana is considered the most ephemeral of Japanese crafts, with the flowers or stems lasting only a few days. This makes ice and snow, with its fleeting, temporary properties, the perfect material to represent it.

[Image copyright, photo by Photo by Asaf Kliger]


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